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Full Dome Mirror

Shop our full dome mirror offering a 360° view. This panoramic mirror will permit an all-inclusive, bird's eye view in warehouses, industrial facilities and large retail stores. Select a full dome mirror to provide collision prevention, store theft deterrence, and general surveillance. Because of their comprehensive view, full dome mirrors are one of the most effective security mirrors to see around corners, down store aisles and other blind spot areas. They may be implemented in large, open and high ceiling areas to complement a loss prevention program as well as OSHA safety initiatives in your industrial or care facility. Full domes are available in either All-Vu® acrylic or the DuraMir™ unbreakable lens.   


  • Best safety & security mirror for large area panoramic viewing
  • Offers comprehensive, 360° multi-directional viewing from all sides 
  • Enhances loss prevention programs and OSHA safety program management
  • Select from All-Vu® acrylic or the DuraMir™ unbreakable lens.