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Round Convex Mirror

Shop our round convex mirrors available in top brands such as Klear-Vu, Econo-Lite, Duramir, and Se-Kure which allow you to see all activity around blind corners, aisles, hallways, gondolas, and obscure areas. Circular convex mirrors provide a 160 degree view, cover more area and reflect more detail than any other security mirror. We offer diameters starting at 5" all the way up to 48" to fit virtually every need. 


  • All round convex mirrors are easy to install and come supplied with a swivel arm assembly and mounting brackets.
  • Choose from acrylic, glass, or unbreakable lens in indoor and outdoor versions.
  • A large convex mirror (30" - 48") is ideal for large retail establishments, offices and warehouses
  • Small convex mirrors (5" - 12") will perform best in confined areas such as cubicles, restaurants, schools and small shops.