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Large Convex Mirror

A large convex mirror is at least 30" in diameter and as large as 48" in diameter. Their coverage is far superior to any other safety and security mirror type. Choose from indoor or outdoor models. 48" convex mirrors should be used with caution as an outdoor mirror because their oversized footprint may present issues with wind. If windy weather is common, a 36" convex mirror with steel backing will be the largest recommended outdoor mirror. If you are looking for a mirror offering the greatest detail and longest range, please shop our full line of large convex mirrors. 


Large Convex Mirrors Will Provide The Greatest Coverage And Offers The Best Detail Of Any Safety & Security Mirror

Large convex mirrors are the most logical choice for safety & security mirror use in situations where: A) you need to cover vast, open areas or B) you need to view images in detail that a medium or small convex mirror cannot provide even though the area may not be large in size. For spacious areas such as industrial facilities, warehouses, retail showroom floors or parking lots, a large convex mirror will give you the coverage needed to illuminate blind spots. Mirror positioning is very important, and you may need several mirrors to yield adequate surveillance. In instances where you need the best resolution available even if the scope of the space is not sizable, the larger the security mirror the more detail it will produce. For example, when you need to identify a person by name rather than the presence of an individual or a vehicle by model rather than the presence of a vehicle then this is where a larger mirror will administer clear, concise, higher resolution images. This is simply due to the fact of the size of the mirror and not the quality of the reflective film.  The larger the mirror the larger the images will appear with less distortion





  • Shop for a large convex mirror when you need to cover far-reaching areas or you need to see images in greater detail than a medium sized or small convex mirror offers.
  • Mirror positioning is vital to ensure the best blind spot coverage. Multiple security mirrors may be needed for optimal protection. 
  • The larger the convex mirror's diameter, the larger the reflected image and the less distorted the image will be.



The are a number of considerations to take into account when shopping for a large convex mirror.  One of the most important factors is understanding the scope of the mirror and factoring that into where you intend to locate the mirror. Before you embark on a price and research mission in purchasing a large convex mirror, perform a site survey of the area where you wish to install the mirror(s). Make sure there are no obstacles or issues with the mounting location. Try to get a general idea of how many mirrors you need, so you do not overbuy or under buy. Get a general idea of the footprint of the mirror's diameter and the area it will consume, so you don't not but too large or too small. To do this, simply cut out a piece of cardboard material of the mirror's diameter and add about 2". For example, if you are contemplating a 36" diameter mirror then cut out a 38" diameter circle from a scrap piece of cardboard or cardboard box. Place that cut-out in the spot where the mirror mount. Keep in mind the mounting bracket will need to be attached to a flat surface which will extend the mirror out anywhere between 3" to 12". Now you should have a fairly good idea of the mirror's footprint. If you have clearance issues to deal with, select a rectangular convex mirror as they are designed for low clearance applications and will perform better than a round convex mirror. 


  • Before you shop for a large convex mirror, perform a sit survey to evaluate what size mirror will work best in your application.
  • Determine how many mirrors are needed. If you are dealing with a large territory then multiple mirrors may be needed for sufficient coverage.
  • Visualize the footprint of the mirror before you buy. To do this cut out a piece of cardboard 2" more than the diameter of the mirror


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