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Small Convex Mirror

A small convex mirror is used for a security mirror in office cubicles, behind computer stations and other applications where the convex mirror reflection does not need to cover a large area but rather alert the presence of someone or something when they enter the area. Shop our small convex mirrors for forklift mirrors, truck mirrors and utility mirror use.  Available in diameters from 2 1/2"X7" to 12". Coverage is from 20' to 70' depending on model.  

Small Convex Mirrors For Forklift Mirror Replacement, Office Cubicle Use and Elevator Mirror Security


Shop our small convex mirrors for forklift mirror replacement or to add additional mirrors to the forklift in order to expand the viewing area for blind spot coverage. Many times having just one forklift mirror on board is not enough, or the supplied mirror is a flat mirror and does not offer a wide angle view a convex mirror delivers.  Select from rectangular and circular models in glass, acrylic or highly polished stainless steel. All models come with a universal mounting bracket and install with ease.  




  • For OEM replacement or to work in conjunction with current mirrors for additional blind spot coverage.
  • Rectangular forklift mirrors available in 2 1/2"X7", 4"X8", 6"X9" dimensions.
  • Round mirrors for forklift use available in 5" & 8" diameters.
  • Universal mounting hardware included.


Tired of people walking into your office, cubicle or work area unannounced and undetected? Consider utilizing a small convex mirror as a visual annunciator to warn you of the presence of others. Many times our workstations are confined and positioned that our backs are turned away for the entrances and exits. Often there is no way of knowing when someone enters our personal space. Remedy this startling issue by placing a 5", 8" or 12" convex mirror on your cubicle wall or behind your computer monitor so you can see all activity going on while your back is not facing the entrance of the room.  


  • Eliminates surprises by people walking into your workstation unnoticed
  • Installs in minutes behind your monitor, office or cubicle wall
  • 5", 8" & 12" models available 


Choose our 5", 8" or 12" round convex mirror for use as an elevator security mirror. Unlike dome mirrors, a small convex mirror can be installed virtually anywhere in the cab of an elevator whereas a dome elevator mirror must mount at the top of the ceiling in the corner of the elevator cab. In some cases, this can prevent a clear line of sight, and a small convex mirror could be a more viable alternative. Select from either glass or acrylic lens. Mounting hardware comes with all models. 



  • Elevator mirrors are mandatory in many states and municipalities.
  • Provides more mounting options that dome elevator mirrors.
  • Easy to install and hardware is included

Our complete line of small convex mirrors and handmade in the USA using all USA sourced components. We are always here ready to provide product assistance or answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to give us a call - it's free! Orders typically ship within 1 day and you should find our prices and shipping rates to be extremely low. If you do find a better price elsewhere please bring it to our attention. We value your business and want the opportunity to earn it. We will make every effort to meet or beat pricing on the same products.


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