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Corner Dome Mirror

Quarter dome mirrors fit in the inside corner where two walls meets and are excellent corner security mirrors to see around blind spot areas, down aisles and corridors. They are a 90 degree mirror most commonly used in warehouses and industrial facilities as a corner security mirror for two-way intersections to avoid forklift accidents. Offices and hospitals needing a corner safety mirror for hallways and patient rooms prefer a quarter dome mirror as it allows for safe navigation and enhanced visibility. The quarter dome mirror is also used as jail mirrors so guards may see if a cell is occupied by a quick glance into the corner mirror.  


  • Blind spot mirror for corners and aisles for traffic safety and store security
  • Mounts to the ceiling in the inside corner where two walls meet
  • 90 degree mirror 
  • Available in acrylic or unbreakable Duramir lens

Quarter Dome Mirrors Are 90° Corner Mounted Safety & Security Mirrors For Occupational, Medical & Retail Use 

A quarter dome mirror is a compact yet extremely practical security mirror. They make efficient use of space and will work in applications where a half dome mirror or full dome mirror just isn't a viable option due to area or size limitations. The quarter dome's lens is a convex mirror with 90° Viewing and administers a "fish-eye" view of the entire expanse. Because of the curvature of the dome, the convex lens and the compact design of the quarter dome mirror, reflected images are greatly minimized. If your implementation calls for a security mirror just to make out objects or activity in a given area without the need for great detail then a quarter dome mirror will certainly serve your needs well. However, if you need to see greater resolution, more detail and more coverage of the area then you may want to consider a different security mirror such as a round convex mirror as the reflection will provide greater scope and detailed images. Shop for a quarter dome mirror for blind corners in offices, hospitals, jails for security and surveillance and in retail establishments for store theft prevention and general surveillance.  


  • Makes effective use of space
  • 90° convex mirror with compact design provides a "fish-eye" view of an entire area
  • Most effective in situations to detect movement, activity or objects rather than detailed analysis of subject area

Quarter dome mirrors are precisely engineered to fit the inside corner of two intersecting walls. They are commonly referred to as a corner dome mirror for this reason. They represent a triangle in shape. The corner dome is mounted by using pre-drilled holes in the flange of the mirror. The flange is a thin edge of acrylic just over a 1/4" - 1/2" that protrudes out  along the top edge of the mirror. Most often the 1/4 dome is mounted directly to the ceiling using screws through the pre drilled holes. It is also possible to thread string, wire or rope through the pre-drilled holes in the flange and secure them to the ceiling. This will allow you to suspend the mirror to the inside corner of the wall rather than mount it directly to the ceiling. For drop ceiling installations, it's best to either suspend the mirror using wire or string (such as heavy gauge fishing line) or order a quarter dome mirror with hardboard backing. The hardboard backing will allow for alternative mounting with materials such as double-sided tape, construction adhesive or Velcro. If the mirror is to be mounted outdoors or employed for heavy industrial use, steel backing is recommended. This will allow for additional mounting surface to best secure the dome to concrete, metal or block. In food processing plants, labs or other sensitive production facilities where porous surfaces are prohibited, steel backing would be the superlative backing choice.



  • Especially made to fit in the inside corner of two intersecting walls
  • Pre-drilled holes in the flange of the mirror are used for mounting by fastening the dome directly to the ceiling or by using wire, string or rope to suspend the mirror.
  • If mounting to a drop ceiling or other superficial structures then shop for a mirror with hardboard backing so you may use two sided tape, super glue, etc
  • For industrial, outdoor or sensitive processing facilities choose a dome mirror with steel backing


Shop our quarter dome mirrors in shatterproof acrylic or unbreakable Duramir lens. Both feature optical grade film with exceptional reflection attributes rivaling a glass mirrored finish. The acrylic lens will accept a moderate impact and a damaging blow will not produce small, dangerous particles. The unbreakable Duramir lens will accept extreme impacts without failure. The Duramir is the favored lens material by prisons, jails, hospitals, care facilities, psychiatric wards, behavioral health centers, military and government facilities.  



  • Available in acrylic or Duramir unbreakable lens
  • Both have optical grade film exhibiting a remarkable, luminous reflection
  • Shatter proof acrylic will survive up to a moderate impact and if broken will not leave dangerous small shards characteristic of a glass lens
  • The unbreakable Duramir lens will accept the most severe collisions and the lens will not fail  


Shop our comprehensive selection of Made in the USA quarter dome mirrors sourced completely from components made here in the USA. Your corner dome mirror is hand made on order and will typically ship within one day. Should you need help deciding upon the right 1/4 dome for your application, please give us a call as we look forward to serving your needs. We offer the best pricing and shipping rates available. If by chance you do find a better price elsewhere please give us a cal and let us know. We would like to earn your business and will do our best to meet or beat competitor's pricing. 


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