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National Safety Mirror is a wholesale distributor of American made convex mirrors,
dome mirrors, inspection mirrors for use as safety and security mirrors.  We are owned and operated by LHE, Inc., who also owns, an online retailer of business doorbells, entrance alerts, and driveway alarm products.

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Shopping for a convex security mirror can be a daunting task for even the most online savvy shopper. The related industry terms can be extremely generic, broad and misunderstood. For example, there's no difference between a safety mirror and a security mirror. Both are really one in the same. You could enter both keywords into a search engine and within the blink of an eye a myriad of differing results pop up. You'll find round mirrors, dome mirrors, rear view mirrors, etc. by typing in both words. Confusing indeed. Most safety and security mirrors are convex. A convex mirror bulges outward producing virtual images that are condensed to offer a wider field of view. See the diagram.

If you need help determining which convex security mirror to employ in your campaign to improve visibility of blind spot areas outside nornal viewing range then scroll down this page as we try to cover all the bases. If you simply do not have the time or would prefer personalized help please do not hesitate to pick up the and give us a call toll free. We look forward to serving your needs.

How Do I Choose A Convex Mirror For My Safety & Security Mirror Needs?

There are a few key factors when determining the best convex mirror to be congruent with your application. With so many different types, sizes and shapes of a convex mirror it is important to know the answers to the following questions before you embark upon procuring a convex mirror for your home or office use:

  • The distance in feet the mirror will be mounted from you. For example, If you are a convenience store clerk and you need to install a mirror to detect people around your beverage coolers then simply measure the distance from your location to where you are going to place the mirror.
  • A round convex mirror will cover the most distance of any safety and security mirror. They can be placed further away from you than any other type of mirror while offering the most viewing area. Use the formula 1" of mirror diameter for every foot you are from the mirror. If you are around 25' from the mirror then a 26” diameter mirror is the smallest recommended mirror.
  • Dome mirrors (full dome, half dome and quarter domes) will cover the least distance. For every 1' you are from a dome mirror you will need roughly 2” in dome radius. They work best within a range of 30' but 48” models can be used as far as 55' away.
  • How much detail of the images do you need to see? For example, do you need to know to be made aware of the presence of an individual in a particular area or do you need greater detail such as being able to identify the name of the individual in a given area.
  • A round and rectangular convex mirror will reflect the best image resolution. If seeing objects in detail is of the utmost priority then by all means a circular or roundtangular convex mirror is the best choice available

  • Objects in a dome mirror appear much smaller than in a round convex mirror because of the dome's curvature and compact design in relation to its width to height ratio.

  • Know where you are going to mount your safety/security mirror. Not every type of safety and security mirror offers the same mounting options. Knowing exactly where you are going to mount your mirror will narrow down your choices and sometimes determine exactly what type of mirror to choose.
  • Convex mirrors that are round or rectangular will present you with abundant mounting options. The supplied swivel arm and mounting brackets offer such versatility. They may be installed vertically or horizontally on just about any flush surface (walls, store fixtures, gondolas, posts, poles, sides of buildings, etc.) or hung upside down from the ceiling, soffit, overhang, or most any structure. They may also be installed directly in the corner of two intersecting walls by installing a 2X4 mounting surface in the corner.

  • A full dome mirror may be flush mounted to a wall or ceiling, or suspended from ceilings, beams or rafters.

  • Half dome mirrors may be mounted flush to a flat surface or hung upside down from the ceiling

  • A corner or quarter dome mirror mounts to the ceiling of the inside corner of a wall
  • Are you limited by clearance issues that will prevent you from using a particular mirror? When you establish where your mirror will be mounted, measure the area around the mirror in order to determine if there will be any size limitations and keep them in mind when browsing. To visualize the footprint of a circular or rectangular convex mirror, simply cut out a piece of cardboard just slightly larger than the diameter of the mirror you are considering and hold it up to the mounting location. A convex mirror rectangular in shape has a low profile and is specifically designed for low clearance areas.
  • Are you still indecisive about choosing the best mirror? Don't worry. We know how you feel. Simply give us a call (800-366-7235) or send us an email (, and we will be happy to offer our expert assistance.