Government Contracting with LHE, Inc. – UEI WRSKE5AVNJK3, CAGE CODE 5VGM6

National Safety Mirror is a website owned and operated by LHE, Inc. We are proud to serve as a trusted partner to government agencies, offering high-quality products and services through streamlined procurement processes. As a registered government contractor with Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) WRSKE5AVNJK3 and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code 5VGM6, LHE is well-equipped to fulfill orders for federal, state, and local government organizations.

About Our CAGE Code

LHE’s CAGE Code, 5VGM6, is a unique identifier assigned by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This code serves as a standardized way to identify our specific facility and location, making it easier for government agencies to find and do business with us. The CAGE Code system is used extensively within the federal government, with codes assigned to suppliers as well as to the government agencies themselves.

By maintaining an active CAGE Code

LHE demonstrates its commitment to meeting the strict standards and requirements associated with government contracting. This includes adhering to regulations such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and other agency-specific guidelines.

Simplified Ordering Process

At LHE, we understand that government procurement can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to simplify the ordering process for our government customers. Our user-friendly e-commerce platform allows authorized government buyers to browse our product catalog, request quotes, and place orders through our website.

Wide Range of Products and Services

National Safety Mirrors (LHE, Inc.) offers a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of government agencies. From office supplies and technology equipment to specialized gear for military and law enforcement applications, we have you covered. Our product categories include:

  • Traffic Mirrors
  • Warehouse Mirrors
  • Overhead Truck Inspection Mirrors
  • Undercarriage Inspection Mirrors
  • Convex Mirrors
  • Roundtangular Garage Mirrors
  • Dome Mirrors

LHE also takes great care to comply with all applicable government regulations and contract requirements. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest procurement policy and procedure changes, ensuring that our operations are always fully compliant. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in government contracting, and we work hard to maintain the trust and confidence of our government customers.

We look forward to serving you!