Dome Mirror Mounting Options

Dome Mirrors:

There are three ways the dome mirrors on National Safety Mirror are mounted. Full dome mirrors may be mounted using the included hanging chain, commonly called “pendulum mount,” mounted directly to the wall using the pre-drilled holes in the dome mirror’s rim (or flange), or using the included d-loops for dome mirrors with a backing.

Full Dome Security Mirror Mounting

Pendulum Mount – this is the most common way to mount a full dome mirror. The chain has three legs (like a tripod) with an s-style hook on each end. Full dome mirrors without a backing (for indoor use only) are then threaded through the pre-drilled holes around the edge or rim of the full dome mirror. For an example, please consult the pdf below titled “Full Dome – 18-inch and 26-inch.” NOTE: Although not very common, a full dome mirror without backing may be mounted to a wall using the pre-drilled holes located around the rim of the mirror.

For full dome mirrors WITH A BACKING, d-loop hooks are mounted on the backing. Each of the s-style hooks fits into these d-loop hooks. See the image below as an example:

full dome mirror with backing pendulum mount chain

Full dome mirrors with a backing may also be hung directly on a wall using the d-loop hooks. See the image below for an example:

full dome backing d loops

Full Dome Mirror with Backing

Full Dome – 18-inch and 26-inch

Full Dome 32-inch to 48-inch

Half Dome, 270-Degree, and Quarter Dome Mounting

The other offers in dome mirrors by National Safety Mirror are mounted using the pre-drilled holes in the mirror rim (for no backing only) or using the d-loop rings for mirrors with backings. For the mirrors with backings, refer to the example above that shows a convex mirror with the d-loop rings. It is the same on quarter, 270-degree, and quarter dome mirrors.

For mirrors with NO BACKING, see an example in the image below:

dome mirror no backing mounting holesx650px

Half & Quarter Dome Mirror with Backing

Half & Quarter Dome Mirror 18-26-inch No Backing

Half & Quarter Dome Mirror 32-48-inch No Backing

270-Degree Dome Mirror Mounting