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The Who, What, Where & Why of National Safety Mirror

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National Safety Mirror is a wholesale distributor of American-made convex mirrors, dome mirrors, and inspection mirrors for use as safety and security mirrors. The mission statement of our company is “Buy American and Sell American”. This is so important to us that we only represent manufacturers such as Se-Kure, Lester Brossard, and others who use materials sourced from within our great country. Each company manufactures safety and security mirrors from their small town cities providing jobs and livelihoods to American families just like yours. The strength of these manufacturers goes beyond quality manufacturing; they utilize the most important ingredient in any business – understanding and taking care of the customer. This has become such an overlooked concept by most companies today but it’s something we value so dearly. Technology has given us the ability to make things happen but without the customer, we would never have the opportunity.

Each mirror you order is manufactured by someone, by hand, the moment you place your order. Unlike other suppliers or importers, we do not stockpile or warehouse our products. This is important because it ensures your mirror hasn’t been sitting for months or even years in a warehouse. You are getting the best quality mirror made with care and precision the moment you place your order. Orders are shipped directly from manufacturers that we’ve maintained over 15-year relationships with. This not only reduces costs for everyone but also reduces waste, and fuel, and has a friendlier impact on the environment.

The founder and owner of the company, Jason Warren, is a disabled veteran, a graduate of The United States Military Academy and an Infantry & Intelligence Officer in the United States Army. After his service in the Army, he pursued a successful career in sales. Seeing a void in the market to promote companies and their products Made in America, he founded a variety of online properties such as National Safety Mirror to fill this void.

Whether you are an individual with the need for a single driveway mirror, a national retail chain needing security mirrors, or a proud member of our military needing inspection mirrors, we are focused on your needs. We want you to know that can buy American at prices that are often times more competitive and are of a higher quality than imports.

We are more than just a website where you simply click and order. We have a seasoned staff that can help answer your questions and look forward to helping you meet your needs. Our hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, deciding upon the right safety and security mirror can be downright confusing. So please do not hesitate to call us at toll-free at 800-366-7235 or email us (shawn@lheinc.com).

Our customer service and sales offices are located in Kennesaw, GA. We ship manufacturers direct to save you money and expedite shipping. All of our manufacturers are located in the Midwestern United States.