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Garage Mirror

A garage mirror will expand public parking garage and home garage visibility to maintain safe and efficient traffic flow while providing security for patrons. They also provide security for blind spot areas where vehicles are parked to deter theft and vandalism. Due to the low light conditions and confined space characteristic of most parking garages, the smallest parking garage mirrors should be at least a 24" convex mirror. Even for outdoor parking lots you should not need a parking mirror larger than a 48" convex mirror. Many public parking garages have an extremely low clearances so a rectangular convex mirror would work best in such conditions. Garage mirrors are also effective as a parking mirror for home carports and garages for preventing costly accidents. Usually an 18" convex mirror will provide plenty of visibility in most home garages.


  • We recommend 1.5" diameter mirror for every foot of distance you will view 
  • A rectangular convex mirror is the best choice for low clearance garages
  • An unbreakable lens will withstand punishment in areas where most convex parking mirrors have experienced convex lens failures

A Garage Mirror Will Stop Unnecessary Dents, Dings and Provide Security In Parking Garages, Lots, And Home Use

In today's world, a garage mirror will prove to be an extremely affordable yet invaluable asset when you consider the enormous vehicles we navigate into tiny parking spaces. Often we are preoccupied with our cell phones, children, and other distractions and do not pay enough attention to piloting our large SUV's, minivans, and trucks, into their confined parking areas. Many public parking facilities are challenging due to low light conditions, low clearances, twists and turns with heavy traffic flow. A garage mirror will vastly improve visibility and safety for vehicles and pedestrians in parking garages. The mirrors should be placed where blind spot areas are present. These locations include up and down ramps, turns, lane changes and entry and exit points. Round convex and rectangular convex models are available in glass, acrylic and unbreakable lens materials. Rectangular convex mirrors are specifically designed for low clearance areas and round convex mirrors will cover the most area. 



  • Allow for safe navigation for vehicles and pedestrian traffic in confined, poor visibility parking garages.
  • Rectangular mirrors are designed for low clearance conditions.
  • Mounting hardware and adjustable swivel arm included.


Not only will a garage mirror help you safely negotiate through the trials of a parking garage, they also provide welcome security for its patrons. Many times the nooks and crannies present in the parking areas invite unwanted activity and crime. A garage mirror will allow for visibility in blind spot areas, such as stairwells, corridors, around corners and other hidden locations to provide security. Just the mere presence alone of a garage mirror will deter criminal activity before an act is committed.  


  • Excellent for use as a security mirror in a parking garage.
  • Provides peace of mind and security for patrons.
  • Deters criminal activity.




Our home garages are often undersized for our vehicles and are packed with all our belongings. Even when we do pay attention its hard enough to back or pull into our garages. Most are so small that our vehicles only have a few feet or even inches of clearance between the side walls, garage doors, and in front of the vehicle. Accidents can and do happen. A garage mirror often pays for itself several times over in the many accidents avoided over the course of a year. Not only will they reduce the risks of running into walls or structures but they will also aid in the prevention of running over objects and people. Placement of the mirror is key and varies by application. But most often they are positioned on either side of the garage door but can be hung overhead from the garage ceiling, in both corners of the garage or wall in front of the vehicle's stopping point.



  • Prevents running into and running over objects or people.
  • The cost of a garage mirror is a fraction of the cost of an accident.
  • Often positioned near entry/exit points but can vary by application.




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