DomeVex Convex Mirror: Acrylic Lens Indoor Wide Angle View


The Indoor DomeVex Wide Angle View Convex Mirror with Acrylic Lens is a high-quality surveillance tool designed for indoor use. Its key features include a wide-angle view that allows for comprehensive coverage of large areas, reducing blind spots and enhancing security. The mirror is made from a durable acrylic lens, ensuring longevity and clear visibility. Its unique selling points include easy installation and maintenance, making it a convenient choice for businesses and homeowners. The DomeVex Convex Mirror is an effective solution for improving safety and security in any indoor space, from retail stores to warehouses and homes.

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New to the security and safety mirror scene, the DomeVex mirror is a hybrid between a typical round convex mirror and a full dome mirror. Convex mirrors offer a 160-degree view, while a full dome offers a 360-degree view. However, due to a substantially larger profile and the fact you cannot mount full dome mirrors in locations where you can mount convex mirrors, our fabricators create a new product by combining the convex and a dome, naming it DomeVex.

DomeVex mirrors are a unique innovation that provides a comprehensive 180-degree wide-angle view. Despite their expansive viewing range, they maintain a smaller profile than a full dome mirror. This feature makes DomeVex mirrors a more compact and practical solution for various surveillance and safety needs.

In simple terms, DomeVex mirrors have been designed to cover a wider field of view compared to regular convex mirrors. They can capture an extensive area in a single frame, providing a clear and broad view of the surroundings. A single DomeVex mirror can give you the same viewing range as two side-by-side convex mirrors in some scenarios. This equates to a reduction in the number of mirrors needed, offering a more cost-effective solution.

It’s important to note that the image provided below is an example of how DomeVex mirrors can be used in outdoor settings. However, their application is not limited to outdoor environments. DomeVex mirrors can be just as effective when used indoors. They can be utilized in areas such as warehouses, retail stores, and offices where a broad field of view is required for security or safety reasons.

Please note the image below is for an outdoor application, but this could also be applied to an indoor area.

two convex mirrors side by side
two convex mirrors side by side
one domevex mirror provides better view
one domevex mirror provides a better view

This mirror is recommended for indoor use because the backing is pressed hardboard. For an outdoor mirror, please visit the Outdoor DomeVex convex mirror.

With its hardboard backing, this mirror is specifically designed and recommended for indoor use. The hardboard backing is created by compressing wood fibers, which results in a durable and stable surface. However, while this design ensures longevity and a sleek look for indoor settings, it may not hold up well in outdoor conditions where it could be exposed to elements such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.

That’s why, if you’re looking for a mirror that can withstand outdoor conditions, we recommend you visit and check out the Outdoor DomeVex convex mirror. This outdoor mirror model is designed with materials resistant to harsh weather conditions and won’t degrade when exposed to the elements. It is also built with a special convex shape to provide a wider field of view, which is particularly useful for outdoor settings where visibility can be crucial.

Remember, choosing the right mirror for the right setting is essential. An indoor mirror is perfect for enhancing the design of your interior spaces, while an outdoor mirror is crucial for safety and visibility in external areas.

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SCVI-16Z-4DP$88.0016 inch Acrylic Convex Mirror with Single Z Style Bracket & Hardboard Backing
SCVI-16T-4DP$98.0016 inch Acrylic Convex Mirror with Single Telescoping Bracket & Hardboard Backing
SCVI-24Z-5DP$138.5024 inch Acrylic Convex Mirror with Single Z Style Bracket & Hardboard Backing
SCVI-24T-5DP$146.0024 inch Acrylic Convex Mirror with Single Telescoping Bracket & Hardboard Backing
SCVI-32T-7DP$234.5032 inch Acrylic Convex Mirror with Single Telescoping Bracket & Hardboard Backing
DCVI-42T-8DP$461.0042 inch Acrylic Convex Mirror with Double Telescoping Bracket & Hardboard Backing