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Below are the categories of safety mirrors featured on National Safety Mirror. After clicking on the type of security mirror you are interested in, there are product filters that help you narrow done the products to help you find the specific mirror that suits your need.

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Recommended Product From Each Category

Below are products recommended for each category.

Driveway Mirror & Traffic Mirror

Round Convex Mirror

  • Indoor Convex Mirror with Acrylic LensAcrylic Convex Outdoor Mirror with Hardboard Backing

    Indoor Convex Mirror with Acrylic Lens & Hardboard Back


    Available in different sizes, round convex mirrors with an acrylic reflective surface, such as the Outdoor Acrylic Round Convex Mirror, are security mirrors and safety mirrors. When your field of view is blocked, and you have limited visibility, these mirrors offer a wider field of view and are great tools to help with theft prevention and reduce the risk of accidents. With a hardboard backing that protects the acrylic lens, these mirrors are used indoors, to cover blind spots, and intersections, or for store security in shops and retail stores.

    An indoor convex mirror has a hardboard backing not suitable for outdoor use. Click here to see our outdoor convex mirrors, for parking lots, parking garages, and as traffic mirrors for traffic safety the outdoor convex mirror is recommended. The high density polyethelene backing makes these mirrors heavy-duty outdoor mirrors.

Half Dome Mirror

Rectangular Mirror

  • Roundtanglular Convex Mirror with Hardboard Backing

    Outdoor Rated Roundtangular Convex Mirror


    The roundtangular or rectangular security mirror is a popular choice for many users. The straight edge across the top makes it the best option when mounting near a ceiling.

    This is a great parking garage mirror where ceilings tend to be lower and space is limited, or on loading docs. The heavty duty plastic back is great for virtually any outdoor environment.

Vehicle Inspection Mirror

  • P120IM-P120FIM Vehicle Inspection Mirror

    12 in Round Convex Acrylic Inspection Mirror – High-Quality, Durable Safety Tool for Vehicle Inspection


    The Vehicle Inspection Mirror is a 12-inch round mirror, available in both convex and flat mirror options, designed for comprehensive vehicle inspections. Key features include its large viewing surface, providing a broad and clear reflection, and its versatility, as it can be used for both security checks and automotive inspections. The mirror is highly durable, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its unique selling point is its ability to provide a detailed view of hard-to-see areas under vehicles, enhancing safety and security measures. The product offers the benefit of easy detection of hidden threats or damages, thus saving potential repair costs and ensuring peace of mind.

Unbreakable Convex Mirror

  • Indoor or Outdoor Polycarbonate Convex Mirror

    Polycarbonate Convex Traffic Mirror with Steel Backing: Shatterproof


    The perfect outdoor security mirror or safety mirror where the possibility of vandalizm, or where breakage cannot happen, this is the mirrro. With a polycarbonate lens, it is virtually indestructable. The heavy-duty plastic backing is made of High-Density Polyethelene and will withstand just about any outdoor environment it might encounter. Together, these two materials make this mirror super strong and shatterproof. The best mirror choice for prisions & jails, schools and more.

Safety Mirror & Security Mirror Product Categories

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