High-Quality Vehicle Inspection Mirrors for Enhanced Security

Shop our vehicle inspection mirror to allow enhanced visibility for under-vehicle searches and underneath machinery, industrial equipment, buses, etc., while maintaining an upright position. The lighted inspection mirror models have a removable flashlight that improves visibility in low-light conditions. All under-vehicle inspection mirror models come with an adjustable inspection mirror that can be swiveled and locked securely into place. The mini inspection mirror has an 8″ fixed convex glass lens. The extendable inspection mirror models can be ordered with a 12″ acrylic convex inspection mirror or flat mirror.

  • The extendable inspection mirror handle adjusts from 33″to -45.”
  • Lighted inspection mirror models available
  • 12″ acrylic shatterproof lens available with a flat or convex inspection mirror
  • Portable inspection mirror models have tripod ball-bearing caster wheels.
  • 3-1/2″ ground clearance
  • Heavy-duty rubber rim around the lens

The overhead & truck inspection mirror will telescope to 13.5′ and is specifically designed for overhead inspections that often can be accomplished without a ladder. Primarily used as a truck inspection mirror, but can also be used as a general inspection mirror to inspect rail cars, boats, airplanes, buses, machinery, roofs, gutters, or any hard-to-reach objects. Port authorities, DOTs, stadiums, and other entities use them as security inspection mirrors at checkpoint locations.

  • Available with a flat or convex inspection mirror
  • Telescoping pole extends from 4-1/2′ to 13-1/2′
  • Heavy duty rim around inspection mirror
  • Disassembles easily for portability
  • Weighs 6 lbs

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InStock Vehicle Inspections Mirrors For Undercarriages Ship In One Business Day With A Variety Of Different Models For Security Checkpoints, Machinery & Cargo Inspections

Shop our vehicle inspection mirror, handcrafted with precision and care in The United States and constructed from materials originating in the USA. Our comprehensive line of inspection mirrors is GSA-approved. Brossard inspection mirrors are the favored security inspection mirrors by the US military, Border Patrol, TSA, DOT checkpoints, and other federal and local governmental agencies. All models are equipped with telescoping handles and are available with heavy-duty ball-bearing caster wheels, flashlights, and a 12” convex mirror or flat mirror. We maintain high inventory levels with quantity discounts available. Orders ship in 1 business day, and expedited shipping options are available.

  • Made in the USA & GSA approved.
  • Brossard under-vehicle inspection mirrors are the most utilized in the industry.
  • All models have a telescoping handle extending from 33” to 45.”
  • Caster wheels and flashlights add-ons available
  • Ships in 1 day & quantity discounts are offered

Under the vehicle, inspection mirrors are widely utilized by many different facets of security and law enforcement agencies. They are commonly used for expeditious visual inspections of vehicles, cargo, and equipment. But uses for undercarriage mirrors are not limited to military and security checkpoints. Because of their portability, functionality, and usefulness, they have a unique ability to be utilized over various assignments in various industries. They allow for inspections of hard-to-see areas from an upright, standing position, eliminating the need to crouch down and potentially cause pain or harm to your back, legs, and knees. Some trades that depend on the usefulness of an undercarriage mirror are hospitals, schools, automotive, and food service industries. The Brossard inspection mirrors have a protective, heavy-duty extruded rubber exterior, so objects are not subject to potential damage while being inspected. Be wary that virtually all imported inspection mirrors have a metal rim or very thin rubber molding, which can easily cause damage to the articles being inspected or the mirror itself.

  • The military and security organizations for under-vehicle inspections routinely deploy it.
  • Portable – assembles and breaks down for quick and easy operation
  • Multi-use performance – can be used for various tasks, not just security and checkpoint use
  • Unlike imports, Brossard inspection mirrors are equipped with a heavy-duty rubber rim to protect the items being inspected

Undercarriage inspection mirrors are commonplace in the automotive and transportation industries to examine vehicles and trailers to identify components needing repair and replacement parts. State automotive and vehicle emissions inspection stations prefer models with lights and wheels. With these options, users can easily roll the mirrors underneath cars, and the lights will illuminate dark areas. It is not uncommon for truckers to stow an inspection mirror in the cab of their rig to perform roadside inspections.

Given the recent events in our nation’s schools, educational facilities, hospitals, public events, and theaters, vehicle inspection mirrorsvehicle-inspection-mirror-parts have expanded into searches for weapons and other devices not permitted on premises. Administrators and personnel can check hard-to-see areas for articles of suspicion and thwart unwanted activity before it happens. The mini inspection mirror is particularly user-friendly as the compact design of the 8” mirror and 40” fixed handle allows for use in confined areas. Hospitals and hotels can inspect underbeds, chairs, furniture, and heavy or immobile equipment, addressing potentially hidden items of concern.

The food service industry can rely on an inspection mirror to review food prep areas, storage areas, and cooking equipment for signs of bugs, rodents, or other undesirables where they could risk costly violations from the health inspector. Generally, the model of choice is the inspection mirror with a 12” flat lens. This will provide the most clearance underneath the tight areas in the kitchen.

Industrial and production facilities use the Brossard inspection mirrors to survey heavy equipment, machinery, and assembly lines to make sure vital instruments are operational. Potential problems can be solved before catastrophic failures occur. The mirrors are durable yet lightweight enough for use all day without discomfort.