Durable 12” Vehicle Inspection Mirrors Available – Flat or Convex, Lights, & Wheel Options


Introducing the Durable 12” Vehicle Inspection Mirrors, your ultimate solution for efficient and precise vehicle inspections. Crafted with high-quality materials, these mirrors come in both flat and convex options to cater to your specific needs. The standard model offers ease of use and portability, while our models with wheels and LED lights provide added convenience and visibility. Whether for automotive professionals or security personnel, these mirrors ensure thorough inspections of cars, trucks, and containers, enhancing safety and reliability. Choose between the Standard, With Wheels, or With Light and Wheels versions to elevate your inspection capabilities.

  • Flat or Convex Mirror Options for tailored inspection needs
  • LED Lights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions
  • Caster Wheels for effortless 360-degree maneuverability

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Made in the USA Mirrors

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Ensure comprehensive vehicle inspections with National Safety Mirror’s rugged and versatile 12″ Durable Vehicle Inspection Mirrors.

Strengthen Your Security Measures with Durable Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

In today’s security-conscious environment, thorough vehicle inspections are crucial. National Safety Mirror’s Durable 12″ Vehicle Inspection Mirrors empower security personnel, law enforcement officers, and meticulous vehicle owners to conduct efficient and comprehensive inspections.

Unmatched Durability Meets Superior Functionality

Our vehicle inspection mirrors are crafted from high-quality materials in the USA, ensuring long-lasting durability. The 12-inch mirror, available in flat or convex options, is surrounded by a riveted aluminum border for added protection. The galvanized steel handle features an ergonomic plastic grip for comfortable use, even during extended inspections.

Choose the Ideal Vehicle Inspection Mirror for Your Needs

Handheld inspection mirrors have a 12-inch circular mirror, available with a convex or flat mirror. Each mirror type has three versions available, outlined below. The benefit of the convex mirror is that the larger surface area will contain a wider view, whereas the flat mirror will be a bit more clear. The most common is the convex lens.

National Safety Mirror offers a variety of 12″ Vehicle Inspection Mirror options to suit your specific requirements:

  • Standard Mirror: This lightweight and portable option provides a clear view of hard-to-reach areas.
  • Vehicle Inspection Mirror with Wheels: Effortlessly maneuver around vehicles with this model’s sturdy, smooth-rolling wheels. The extended 50-inch handle with a bend at the top allows for easy pushing.
  • Vehicle Inspection Mirror with Light and Wheels: This mirror features a strategically placed LED light to illuminate dark areas during inspections in low-light conditions. The combination of wheels and light ensures maximum efficiency during inspections.

Benefits of National Safety Mirror’s Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

  • Enhanced Visibility: Clearly see into tight spaces and dark corners with our high-quality mirrors.
  • Increased Efficiency: The maneuverable design allows for quick and thorough inspections.
  • Unmatched Durability: Our mirrors are built to withstand regular use in demanding environments.
  • Versatility: Choose the flat or convex mirror option, and select from standard, wheeled, lighted, or wheeled and lighted configurations.

National Safety Mirror’s Vehicle Inspection Mirrors are Perfect for:

  • Security Personnel
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Automotive Professionals
  • Meticulous Vehicle Owners

Invest in Safety and Peace of Mind

National Safety Mirror’s Durable 12″ Vehicle Inspection Mirrors are a valuable investment for anyone who prioritizes vehicle safety and security. Our mirrors empower you to identify potential hazards and ensure the integrity of vehicles. Browse our selection today and experience the difference that National Safety Mirror can make!

Model Specifications:

  • Mirror size: 12 inches
  • Mirror options: Flat or Convex Acrylic
  • Protective Border: Riveted Aluminum channel protects the mirror’s edges from bumps and collisions. Our competitors use a vinyl or rubber rim that is glued and stapled.
  • Handle material: Galvanized steel will last a lifetime.
  • Mirror Backing: The back of our mirror is constructed of heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene, which will last a lifetime and protect the mirror from the elements.
  • Handle grip: It is made of ergonomic plastic that is durable and will last. Many of our competitors use foam padding that will not last!
  • Standard mirror handle length: 42 inches
  • Wheeled mirror handle length: 50 inches (with a bend at the top for pushing)
  • Wheeled models: Include sturdy, smooth-rolling casters

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Convex Mirror Size

Available Options

DM-12C$130.0012'' Convex Mirror, No Wheels, No Flashlight
DM-12F$130.0012'' Flat Mirror, No Wheels, No Flashlight
DM-WC$185.0012'' Convex Mirror, With Wheels, No Flashlight
DM-12WF$185.0012'' Flat Mirror, With Wheels, No Flashlight
DM-12LC$165.0012'' Convex Mirror, No Wheels, With Flashlight
DM-LF$165.0012'' Flat Mirror, No Wheels, With Flashlight
DM-12WLC$225.0012'' Convex Mirror, With Wheels, With Flashlight
DM-12WLF$225.0012'' Flat Mirror, With Wheels, With Flashlight