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Rectangular Convex Mirror

Shop our rectangular convex mirror for use in areas where a round convex mirror would present clearance issues. They provide the same reflection characteristics as a circular convex mirror, but their footprint is not as large-scale. Rectangular convex mirrors are popular for use as security mirrors in convenience stores, liquor and retail locations where a round convex mirror would present clearance issues. The lower profile of a rectangular convex mirror enables the mirror for use behind sales counters, over coolers and tight spaces where a round mirror would not fit Outdoor models make an excellent convex mirror for driveway use or parking mirror for wide-angle viewing. 


A Rectangular Convex Mirror Is The Ideal Safety & Security Mirror For Low Ceilings & Low Clearance Areas

A rectangular convex mirror is the go-to favored by retail stores, grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores. A rectangular convex mirror has a distinct advantage over a round convex mirror. A rectangular convex mirror supplies you the leeway needed in low clearance situations and permits wide angle vision to see all activity down aisles, hidden corners, gondolas, store displays of high value assets, below beverage coolers and around gas pumps. They are an excellent security mirror which provides blind spot coverage in sensitive locations to discourage shoplifting, loitering, and other form of criminal activity. They will provide years of service and pay for themselves several times over by reducing theft, shrinkage, and adverse behavior.  


  • Designed for low clearance use needed in retail establishments.
  • Expands visibility over high asset areas such as store aisles, displays and gondolas.
  • Ideal for security mirror use for theft prevention.
  • Low cost, high return on investment. Pays for itself by loss prevention control.


Manufacturing facilities, industrial plants and warehouses prefer the benefits of a rectangular convex mirror. Many times in such domains you are confronted with low ceiling areas or circumstances where machinery, production equipment, assembly lines or other obstacles prevent the use of a full sized mirror or a wide angle view is advantageous. High traffic areas such as loading docks and shipping/receiving departments need to be efficient with the space they utilize because of the heavy forklift, personnel and cargo traffic in these areas and either A) have clearance issues or B) need the widest angle view possible for optimal coverage. Production and manufacturing areas often have low hanging and snaking lines where a round convex mirror would not fit.   


  • Provides wide angle viewing needed to see along loading docks, production lines and manufacturing areas.
  • Beneficial in high traffic locations.
  • Can be used in placed where a circular mirror could not fit.


Schools, hospitals, and offices are another prime candidate for the advantages of a rectangular convex mirror versus a round mirror. The hallways, corridors, and rooms of these locales have extremely low ceiling heights. A standard mirror would present issue due to the area consumed. They would hang much too low and would not fit. The majority of school rooms such as libraries, auditoriums, gyms and classrooms tend to be more dimensionally oblong rather than square. A rectangular mirror would be a better choice because it exhibits a wider view.    


  • Fits nicely down the narrow, low ceiling hallways and corridors of hospitals.
  • The elongated design of a school room & related facilities matches the wide reflection properties of a rectangular mirror. 


Trust National Safety Mirror to help you select the rectangular convex mirror you need. Our mirrors are manufactured in the USA solely of materials sourced in the USA. Virtually all orders ship within 1 business day and we offer exceptionally low shipping rates which you can view at checkout or by contacting us directly. We want to earn your business. Should you find a better price elsewhere please let us know as we will meet or beat prices whenever we can. 


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