Quarter Dome Mirrors


Quarter Dome Mirrors are designed to fit snugly into corners where two walls meet and serve as an effective way to prevent accidents and collisions. The mirrors come in a range of sizes with acrylic lenses that offer clear visibility and durability. They are widely used in commercial settings such as hospitals, schools, offices, and warehouses to improve safety by providing broader coverage of the surrounding area. The quarter dome mirrors also help reduce blind spots and increase awareness of potential hazards, making them an excellent investment for any space looking to enhance overall safety measures.

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What is a quarter dome mirror and how does it work?

A quarter dome mirror is a type of convex mirror that covers one-fourth of a full dome. It is commonly used for security and surveillance purposes as it provides a wide-angle view of an area. These mirrors work by reflecting light off their curved surfaces, allowing users to see around corners and blind spots that would otherwise be impossible to view. Due to their ability to increase visibility and provide a wider range of view, these mirrors are often used in parking lots, retail stores, hospitals, and other public areas where security is a concern and act as corner mirrors as they conveniently fit into a corner of a wall intersection. They offer an affordable solution to enhance safety measures and minimize potential theft or vandalism.

Quarter Dome Mirrors are a great choice for the intersection of two interior walls. Typically mounted at the intersection where the two walls and ceiling meet, the quarter dome mirror offers views of blind spots that often lead to accidents in the workplace. The images below show the most common way to mount quarter dome acrylic mirrors using the pre-drilled holes in the outer flange of the mirror.


Backing for Quarter Dome Mirrors

The quarter dome mirrors offered here are available with an acrylic lens with two different backing choices; hardboard backing, heavy-duty plastic, and no backing. Unless you have a specific need for backing, there’s really no reason to pay the extra money for backing for your quarter dome mirror.

  • No Backing – only use for indoor locations.
  • Hardboard Backing – Indoor use only.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic – The heavy-duty plastic backing offered is high-density polyethylene, 1/8” product. HDPE is tough rugged and virtually indestructible. When mounting an acrylic mirror outdoors, heavy-duty plastic backing (HDPE) is the recommended backing type. This is an excellent choice for garages, parking garages, etc.

Acrylic Quarter Dome Mirrors

Acrylic has become the go-to material for indoor dome mirrors. It is both durable and highly reflective, making it an excellent choice for places like hospitals, schools, and retail stores where visibility is crucial for safety and security. Acrylic is incredibly tough and can withstand impacts much better than glass, being 17 times stronger than glass. Additionally, if acrylic does get scratched, it can be easily polished out, maintaining its clarity for longer periods of time. Overall, acrylic offers a cost-effective solution for indoor dome mirrors that delivers superior performance and longevity.

How Quater Dome Mirrors are Mounted

Mounting a quarter dome mirror with a hardboard or plastic back is done through the d-rings on the backing. However, if there’s no backing, pre-drilled holes around the flange of the mirror can be used for mounting. For additional instructions and information on mounting dome mirrors, refer to the Dome Mirror Mounting page.

Proper installation of these dome security mirrors can help enhance security and safety in various settings such as warehouses, hospitals, and retail stores. It is important to follow proper installation guidelines to ensure that the mirrors are mounted securely and positioned correctly for optimal effectiveness. For additional information and instructions, please see this page: Dome Mirror Mounting.

Understanding Quarter Dome Mirror Sizes

Remember that quarter dome mirror sizes may seem a little misleading at first. That’s because a corner mirror size is based on the size of the full dome mirror it was cut from. For example, think of a pie with a diameter of 32 inches. If that pie were cut into fourths (a quarter dome size), the size of each side of the pie slice would be 16 inches. A 32-inch quarter dome mirror is cut from a 32-inch full dome. Each side of the quarter dome mirror would measure 16 inches.

For more information, please consult our help article “Understanding Dome Mirror Sizing.”

Dome Mirror Size

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Lens Type


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Dome Viewing Angle

Available Options

ONV-90-18$29.0018 inch Quarter Dome Mirror with No Backing
ONV-90-18-HB$46.0018 inch Quarter Dome Mirror with Hardboard Backing
ONV-90-18-PB$48.0018 inch Quarter Dome Mirror with Heavy Duty Plastic Backing
ONV-90-26$39.0026 inch Dome Mirror with No Backing
ONV-90-26-HB$63.0026 inch Dome Mirror with Hardboard Backing
ONV-90-26-PB$66.0026 inch Dome Mirror with Heavy Duty Plastic Backing
ONV-90-32$60.0032 inch Dome Mirror with No Backing
ONV-90-32-HB$81.0032 inch Dome Mirror with Hardboard Backing
ONV-90-32-PB$91.0032 inch Dome Mirror with Heavy Duty Plastic Backing
ONV-90-36$68.0036 inch Dome Mirror with No Backing
ONV-90-36-HB$94.0036 inch Dome Mirror with Hardboard Backing
ONV-90-36-PB$96.0036 inch Dome Mirror with Heavy Duty Plastic Backing
ONV-90-48$111.0048 inch Dome Mirror with No Backing
ONV-90-48-HB$131.0048 inch Dome Mirror with Hardboard Backing
ONV-90-48-PB$151.0048 inch Dome Mirror with Heavy Duty Plastic Backing