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Full Dome Mirror

Shop our full dome mirror offering a 360° view. This panoramic mirror will permit an all-inclusive, bird's eye view in warehouses, industrial facilities and large retail stores. Select a full dome mirror to provide collision prevention, store theft deterrence, and general surveillance. Because of their comprehensive view, full dome mirrors are one of the most effective security mirrors to see around corners, down store aisles and other blind spot areas. They may be implemented in large, open and high ceiling areas to complement a loss prevention program as well as OSHA safety initiatives in your industrial or care facility. Full domes are available in either All-Vu® acrylic or the DuraMir™ unbreakable lens.   


  • Best safety & security mirror for large area panoramic viewing
  • Offers comprehensive, 360° multi-directional viewing from all sides 
  • Enhances loss prevention programs and OSHA safety program management
  • Select from All-Vu® acrylic or the DuraMir™ unbreakable lens.

Trust the All-Vu® Full Dome Mirror To Reduce Industrial Accidents and Retail Theft  


The external surface of a full dome mirror is representative of a half sphere. By design, the lens is convex in order to provide a robust 360° panoramic view. A full dome mirror is distinguished as one of the most favored security mirrors because individuals are able to examine a precise area from every direction. They are commonly referred to as ceiling dome mirrors as they are suspended from ceilings with chains or mounted flush to overhead surfaces. They may be utilized where convex safety & security mirrors cannot be used particularly where there is no wall present for mounting. 


  • Provides an aerial view
  • Can be used where there are no mounting options for a round convex mirror
  • Fast and easy installation 

The outer rim on the outside edge of a full dome is referred to as the flange. This surface allows for simple and expedited mounting by pre drilling holes around the flange then using screws to fasten the dome to the ceiling. It is also possible to hook hanging chains through the pre drilled holes for overhead suspension. The full dome mirrors with hardboard and steel backing options have three triangular clips attached to the reverse side of a full dome. These clips permit the hanging chains to be fastened to the brackets for overhead use. Backing materials will also keep dirt, dust and other unwanted materials from collecting inside the bowl shaped mirror. Nuisance pests, rodents or birds tend to nest in full dome mirrors in some applications such as warehouses, loading docks and other areas where doors remain open often. To prevent this from occurring, select the hardboard or steel backing options. 


Full Dome Backing Options:


  • Lens Only - Most economical and most common ordered full dome. No backing materials. Mounts with pre drilled holes in the flange or hanging chains.
  • Hardboard backing - Sturdy fiberboard. Increased rigidity. Hanging clips attached to the back of the surface for mounting with hanging chains (not included) or wire.
  • Galvanized Steel - Heavy duty non-porous surface for industrial or outdoor applications. Wire or chain brackets may be snapped in place with the installed clips. 


Full Dome Lens Options 


  • Acrylic Lens - All-Vu® acrylic shatterproof lens. Durable enough to accept mild to moderate impacts without failure. Will not leave hazardous shards characteristic of glass when broken. Most popular and economical lens material.  
    • Offered in lens only (no backing), hardboard and steel backing
    • Available in 12", 18", 26", 32", 36" & 48" diameters 


  • Unbreakable Lens - DuraMir™ unbreakable lens. Has exceptional lens strength. Lens will not shatter, crack or break even under the most punishing collisions. Ideal for institutional, behavioral, medical, governmental, military and educational use. 
    • Lens only (no backing). Not available in other backing materials
    • Available in 18", 26", 32" & 36" diameters


Full Dome Operative Range:


The distance at which images are reflected from a dome mirror is considered infinite. This means that it will reflect everything within its scope; however, the articles farther away from the mirror will appear to small for recognition. Domes are most beneficial when employed in wide open areas. Each size or diameter dome has a unique, effective viewing distance. Adverse conditions such as low light, poor vision, obstructed views, improper mounting, etc., will affect these calculations.  


  • 12" Full Dome - clearly view objects up to 12' away
  • 18" Full Dome - clearly view objects up to 20' away
  • 26" Full Dome - clearly view objects up to 30' away
  • 32" Full Dome - clearly view objects up to 36' away
  • 36" Full Dome - clearly view objects up to 42' away
  • 48" Full Dome - clearly view objects up to 55' away


If your viewing distance exceeds the above referenced guidelines or if you need to see images in greater detail than a circular convex mirror is strongly suggested. Objects appear much smaller and in marginal detail because of the a) curvature of a dome lens and b) its compact convex design. 


Full domes are regularly used in warehouses, hospitals and other areas where 4-way intersections are commonplace. Because of their panoramic view, traffic from all four sides can steer clear of dicey collisions. 360° domes are particularly advantageous in warehouse and industrial areas where forklift traffic is continual. 



A panoramic full dome will provide overhead viewing down convenience store, liquor store, retail store, as well as grocery store aisles and gondolas. Typically one dome will supply coverage for two aisles when positioned as pictured in the diagram above. When multiple domes are used in conjunction with each other, you can cover the vast area of the entire retail establishment. The cost of a dome mirror will typically pay for itself with the prevention of one theft.